About me

I am a full-time and all-around developer and have experiences in the following:
- API: Authorize.NET, Balance, Facebook, Google, oDesk, Paypal, Stripe , Twilio, WHMCS
- Automation: Cron, IronWorker
- AWS: CloudFront, EC2, RDS, Route5, S3
- Chrome Extension
- CSS: Compass, Twitter Bootstrap , Zurb Foundation
- Javascript: jQuery, AngularJS
- PaaS: AppEngine, Heroku , OpenShift
- Web Server: NGINX, LAMP , WAMP
- Other PHP & Framework: WordPress, CodeIgniter

I always look at the best practices and the latest technology, a quick learner, and keen to learn other technology.

I am currently in dev environment of 64-bit Windows 7 (2.2Ghz 2xCPU, 6GB RAM, 120GB SSD) as host, installed vagrant running Ubuntu Linux precise32 with LAMP as my web server, GIT for my version control, and Compass for my CSS authoring. I deployed most of my project to PaaS hosting like Heroku and OpenShift.